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I’m designing the costumes for our drama society’s production of Reefer Madness, and I need a lot of fake marijuana leaves to make some of the costumes out of, so I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some? Amazon has some leis, but I would like A LOT more, and it would be great if they were bigger too.

yay 1/3 done with the first day of tech

why did i take on two jobs for this production?

I hate country music

Why was I not informed that this pregame was country themed

I am miserable

Half of your OTP: I'm straight
Other half: Hi
Half of your Otp: God dammit

lol i’ve had rehearsal every night and now we have tech tomorrow from 9am to midnight

kill me

Hawkeye + text posts

Your death amounts to the same as your life; a zero sum.


Tony Stark Defense Mode Activate


ok hey hello this is a rant that happened because of THIS ask wanderingartists sent me and these tags by krusca

#u have no idea how much i want more discussion of this  #tony stark and steve rogers the actual most and least compatible couple in the history of the universe  #pages and pages of meta on these nerds i need  #flops over thinks about otp doesnt do homework  #thedirectorstark  (x)

please don’t read if you can’t handle the words “judgmental” and “steve” in the same sentence please ok please this is meant to be my one and only real tony/steve catharsis ever ok. when it’s over we’ll just pretend this never happened

also anthony-max i feel like you’ll enjoy this one. also lackluster-lexicon :D and why not tonyfujikawa and brandnewfashion, both of you actively hurt me today

again you guys this is totally biased self-indulgent catharsis, i heard things from this one dude and it pissed me the fuck off and then i came here to passive-aggressively complain about it and i was enabled and this happened

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i’ve cried 5 times today because of various reasons so fuck it i’m gonna eat a slice of pizza, shower, and go to sleep on my freshly laundered sheets 


the tragedy of steve and tony’s relationship- whether you read it as subtextually romantic or strictly platonic- is that they love each other very deeply but they have no trust in each other left at all anymore so the force behind their emotions for one another has nowhere to go so it gets warped into this cycle of betrayal and hurt that they can’t get out of.

#the absoLUTE WORST  #LOVE WITHOUT TRUST  #its literally a poison cause trust and love are meant to coexist  #but when you dont have trust you have this horrible unhealthy relationship  #and the worst part is that these characters in canon are written by so many different writers both good and bad  #so for them to have gotten to the point they have rn in comics is like…debatable  #after CW marvel shouldve written a more satisfying closure  #cause whats happening rn def was made worse by fractures that havent been fully healed in cw imo  #but no superhero comics we gotta have heroes beating up bad guys  #or beating up each other  #i…have faith in hickman but  #what are they gonna do next  #they wouldnt dare kill off tony (or let him be dead for long)  #so are they going to repeat the cycle of steve vs tony (vs a huge unstoppable outside force) in every big event  #i mean i know relationships that have love without trust exist irl yes  #but will this tension between them just fuel marvel comics forf the next 50 years  #please dont marvel….  #i want my fictional stories to have payoffs  #give these two some sort of closure…happy or sad….  #but please show them trying to get out of this toxic cycle……  #i know they’re dumb boys but i mean they are reasonably intelligent adults cmon please  #at least one of thems gotta realize the emotional trap the’re both caught in…  #(i would prefer a happy ending of course where they try to go for a clean slate)  #(and build back what they first had  #(but this time with knowledge of what mistakes to not make)  #this is so long thank god this is just tags….  (x)


And yeah, we got Avengers Prime, and Tony’s all “I’m not half as good at anything” spiel, but then the new volume of Avengers started and what happened?  THE FUCKING INFINITY GEMS AND THE FUCKING ILLUMINATI 

Literally everything has just gotten worse ever since Civil War, and the amount that the writers have to do to actually make up for it all is just soooooo much that it actually can’t happen very quickly but I’m just so fucking sad because THIS ENTIRE POST IS SO FUCKING TRUE BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU LOOK AT IT FROM A SHIPPING STANDPOINT OR AS A TOTALLY PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP THEY ARE AT SUCH AN UNHEALTHY PLACE RIGHT NOW THERE’S NOTHING FOR THEM TO DO BUT  FIGHT

The reason Steve's making this so personal is because he actually valued Tony's friendship and IS HURT and thinks it was all a lie. HIS FEAR is Tony laughing at him!







you’re like the reason why I have nightmares at night did you know that

And then when it all blows over, nobody is going to apologize to Tony for not realizing he was under mind control or whatever it is, Tony will have to grovel for forgiveness, and Cap is never given any grief for anything because he’s morally perfect. And then they rebuild and the cycle starts again because no one ever learns anything

Oops sorry, broke the angst chain by being bitter about shitty writing

Unless Tony dies in true Greek tragedy fashion at the end of Hickman’s run.

Two ways it could go:

1) Everyone accepts he’s always been a monster while few grieve(Pepper,Rhodey) and Steve tries to pretend to be alright.

2) They find out it wasn’t Tony’s fault and few feel guilty for a while and Steve fails to pretend to be alright.


I feel like it would almost HAVE to be heroic tho. Iron Man isn’t inherently supposed to be anti-hero, so however he dies has to absolve him of his crimes/show his true intention of protecting everyone or something. I don’t think Marvel would want to disrupt 616 status quo so long that Iron Man would still be considered a villain for however long it would take for Tony to magically revive himself. Then I again I could be completely wrong since Marvel 616 likes scapegoating him so much ugh like how many people were actually sad after he DELETED HIS BRAIN to save the superhero community

I just really, really want to see Steve cry.


but oh my god this is why we should never talk about superhero comics in a context where they are meant to move forward and develop as characters cause all we gonna get is sadness and rehashing of old mistakes and patterns and tears over whAT COULD HAVE BEEN /crawls into the fandom and surrounds myself in denial

ok ok melissa i know you brought up a point about steve doubting his friendship with tony and fearing that all of its a lie and oh mygod throw me into the sun that would be less painful literally steve and tony’s relationship was built on trust which is like, the crucial foundation for any relationship platonic romantic whatever. And we have issues of tony introducing steve into the 21st century and so many instances of tony being worried for steve rogers not captain america (too busy/lazy to find the examples) it’s kind of…ironic? almost that the one who looks up to cap the most to the point of hero-worship (which is indeed unhealthy to have in a relationship) also happens to worry the most about the man behind the mask (and yet also constantly challenges and argues with him and basically isnt afraid to butt heads with THE american icon and legend).

And i think that’s the best/worst part about 616!stevetony, two guys who have massive egos (yes steve rogers’s ego is on par with tony stark’s arrogance which he makes up for in his self-righteousness) that they are able to stand on equal grounds but at the same time put each other on such high pedestals and standards that are almost…subconscious??? and they keep letting each other down bc of that (tony w/his images of steve as incorruptible/pristine and having to keep steve that way, while steve thinks of tony as such a good man that he thinks tony will be able to operate on his standards of what’s morally right) 

actually unless im now incorporating fics into canon i think there’s instances where tony does call out steve on his whole “holding ppl up to his impossible standards”? but then that would also play into the whole 616 tony’s self-loathing and how he can never be as good as steve rogers who is perfect even when he is wrong and can be a stubborn ass and holy shit this is getting too long

anyways this is why im so sad cause its gotten to the point where marvel is using tonys manpain as a cash cow and minopoke i feel ur bitterness like jfc these are two guys who are so incredibly wrapped up in each other and yet wont fucking talk to each other honestly theY CANT CAUSE DRAMA SELLS MORE ISSUES HAHAHAHA AFHFUCUJ

and the way steve goes batshit at tony’s “betrayal”….. son….. you dont start hunting down ppl with a vengeance like that… unless they’re ur exes or something……………. and uGH everything about this situation’s lead up to the point where we’re wishing tony would DIE a heroic death to prove that he’s been a hero all along and for steve to finally maybe feel bad about it and maybe admit he was a bit of an asshole idk its not like we’ll see steve facing any consequences cause he cant do wrong in comics no the most we can hope for is that he cries everYTHING ABOUT THIS JUST MAKES ME BITTER AND SAD AND THIS IS WHY FANDOM EXISTS for all the characters to have their comeuppance and face consequences and grow from their mistakes and maybe kiss a little

#see we wouldnt be stanning tony stark so hard if comics actually treated him fairly  #but hey DRAMA SELLS  #its a double edged sword here cause as much as i love angst  #pls just stop pinning everything on tony stark the dead horse has been beat enough  #tony stark: dead horse  #idk where im going with this anymore iM JUST SO SAD ABOUT 616  #COMICS WILL RUIN UR LIFE  #IVERAMBLED LONG ENOUGH SORRY SORRY IGNORE ALL THIS IM JUST FEELING EMOTIONAL CAUSE SCHOOLS STRESSING ME OUT  #AND I REALLY WANT TO TALK TO PPL ABOUT DUMB STUFF LIKE 616 STEVETONY

oh god i’m crying again


Cap is interrupted by Beast and Iron Man while taking out his frustrations on gym equipment.  Iron Man gets Cap alone to talk about Avengers leadership; identity porn ensues.  Later, Steve makes a wild-ass leap off a building and just assumes someone will catch him.  Avengers v1 #170


this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy


this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy


Evolution of the Desk (1980-2014)

gif: grofjardanhazy, original video via Best Reviews